A  History of Classic Racing  50cc Motorcycles


Cliff Figes - The Diary of a Novice

After being gently persuaded to have a go at Classic Racing in 1997, my first season was spent wondering why I gave up my road going Fizzie (you know that enviable thing called reliability).

I bought a bike from Dave Brearly which is every bit a looker but with a road going Zundapp engine that blew more mains than there could be spares for. After some luck (understatement, Thank you Chris Alty) I bought a Fantic TX160 competition engine. Although a long stroke it still pushed out 12bhp at 13000rpm. Reliability has been absolutely enviable (sorry I mean incredible). In the 1998 season, apart from one, I have attended all meetings this year and have finished 4 overall in the Championship.

For the 1999 season some more luck will see me on a short stroke, Minarelli competition engine with 6 speed close ratio box pushing out 14bph at 15000, (thank you Nick Mills) My special thanks go to Steve Bedford who kept me going (especially pre competition engines).

I wish everyone involved with the Racing 50 Enthusiasts Club "Good Luck" including that man JEEP who has been a source of strength in helping Steve pull the club together. Well done to Nick Mills for winning the Championship this year. Hope to see everyone out there next season and more besides.

Best Wishes.... Cliff Figes

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