A  History of Classic Racing  50cc Motorcycles


125cc to 200cc
Golden Era Lightweight Cup
Eligibility Rules [cut-off date mid 1970s]

1. Any 2-stroke machine which was available in the period is eligible, with the exception of MBA / Morbidelli 125cc. Maximum capacity of 125cc.

 Any 4-stroke machine which was available in the period is eligible.
Maximum capacity of 200cc.

3. Wheel rim size is 18 inch.

4. Disc brakes are permitted but must be original period callipers and discs.

5. No power jet carburettors.

6. Period suspension components to be used.

7. Modern ignition systems permitted.

8. Period Water-cooled cylinders are permitted along with van Dongen and Fahron cylinders.

9. Cylinder Bores: there will be a capacity limit of 125cc with a tolerance of 5%.  Where availability of parts is difficult and means that mixing and matching is the only way to keep the machine running a slightly larger tolerance may be allowed after consultation with the Eligibility Officer.

10. Where machines are built from parts components are to be of a type, make      model available in the period.  If a new frame is built it must be of a type and style used in the period.

11. Please call Steve on 07410 397201 to discuss eligibility.

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