A  History of Classic Racing  50cc Motorcycles


Still the "ITOM" Years but moving to HONDA

Brands Hatch - 1962

Brands Hatch 19th August 1962


Heading for a win on the ITOM at Brands Hatch 19th August 1962.  Charlie's Itom is fitted with the Cow Horn exhaust pipe. You could hear the music outside of the race track. His average time per lap on the GP circuit was 65.34 mph.

Battling for the lead with Dave Simmonds (Tohatsu) Brands Hatch 19th August 1962. Dave was on the single cylinder bike.

Brands Hatch Sunday 23rd Sept. 1962 

Head down on the ITOM at Brands Hatch Sunday 23rd Sept. 1962.  Dave Simmonds won the race on the Tohatsu with A Dawson hot behind on the Pope Special  Charlie made a podium place in third.

Charlie, No, 184 waiting to go to the start line, leans against the fence of the Collecting Ring at Brands Hatch Sunday 23rd Sept. 1962

Phil Horsham catching up on some relaxation with his ITOM - No.170.  

Brands Hatch 1963

Brands Hatch Sunday 22nd Sept. 1963

BRANDS HATCH circuit on Sunday 22nd Sept. 1963. Another Brands Hatch scrap, with Charlie Mates (120) this time on the HONDA and Dave Simmonds on the Tohatsu. Dave made the top step with Charlie the second and Ian Plumridge third. The speed for the winner was good when you consider that Hugh Anderson was on a full works Suzuki when he made 71.35 mph. 

  Brands Hatch  Sunday 12th April 1963 / Sunday 13th October 1963

Charlie Mates DNF on the Suzuki Piston broke up and damaged the head and barrel

Charlie came in 5th on  the Honda

Brands Hatch  Sunday 18th May 1964



Score card putting names to numbers:

75 - C.C.W. Mates      72 - M. W. Manley      79 - R. J. Smith
44 - I. Plumridge        82 - G. F. Ashton        115 - J. Tompsett

Charlie Mates taking the win at Brands Hatch on the CR110 Honda.

Sunday 21st March 1965

The Golden Laps Meeting
Sunday 9th May 1965

 93    Charlie Mates                   53   Dave Simmonds                   94   Phil Horsham
 135   Brian Gleed                     126   R J Smith                           153  N E Lee
 96    George Ashton               130   A J Abbott                         131   R J Webber

Brands Hatch 1965

No.5 Charlie Mates - 50cc HONDA
No.4 George Ashton - 50cc HONDA
Dave Simmonds - 50cc Tohatsu
No.13 Geoff Votier - 50cc Val Knapp HONDA

At the bottom of Paddock Hill Bend now called Hailwoods

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