From the "Enduro - Extra", September 1963, The Racing 50 Motor Cycle Club

In a race of 250 miles, 92 laps, approximately four hours duration there will be for each team at least four (probably more) voluntary stops at the pits. This being the only race catering for 50cc where pit work is of any significance (or indeed exists at all), some thought may well be given to how time can be saved, and efficient pit work can contribute to a good result. 

First requirement of all is a good funnel and a quick pouring fuel can – and don’t forget the FUEL ITSELF. Depending on stage of tune, the motor will consume as little as 2½ gallons, or as much as 8 gallons in the 250 miles. If the former have 3½ gallons (to cover practice) READY MIXED FUEL, and work out the most “economical” (from a weight carrying point of view) re-fuelling times. Obviously - if you can put in 1½ gallons, do 50 laps and put in another 1½ gallons, it is better than starting off with the handicap of a full tank - take my word! For gobbling monsters the best notion, perhaps, is to refuel at each change of drivers. 

There are certain tools, such plug spanners, 10 mm ring and open ended spanners, special grips, etc. etc., That you may well need several times, whereas others will only be needed in dire emergency. So, keep the “needed” items in one tool box, on the pit counter, and keep the others inside the pit, along with spares (tidily wrapped), and fuel (with tops on cans!). Don’t jam every tool you possess into the tool box On the other hand, don’t leave that vital f1ywheel puller, set of points spanners and what-have-you behind either. 

Ideally, pit staff for the Enduro consists of 4 or 5. Two females, who can brew tea, cook, and KEEP ACCURATE LAP CHARTS. This is really vital, and to lend weight to any dispute, a lap by lap chart, with stopwatch times, should be maintained. Three watches arranged on clips on the top of the board, with a common trip lever, will enable one person to cope. The lever starts one watch, re-sets another to zero, and stops the third one when the lap is complete and the lever depressed. Some elementary signals can be made - your own ideas on this are best, but may I say from experience that the idea of telling the rider “WHERE" he is cannot be over­- emphasized. It is so comforting, when cramp and aches are besetting you, to know you are NOT last and even to see that you have, perhaps, climbed a couple of places on your stint! 

Presumably, one member of the party will be a reasonably experienced mechanic and he should be given a free hand. The number four man should help him, passing spanners, having fuel ready, and if merely a routine call in the pits, casting an eye at the various things likely to need attention of any sort. One or another should be the MANAGER, and once tactics are settled, his decisions should be stuck to. 

Tactics! These must be thoroughly thrashed out in advance! Don’t make up your plan of campaign as you go along, and change drivers as soon as either Jack gets bored, or Bill decides that he wants another ride. Keep driver changes down to a minimum and combine fuel stops with them. Call the driver in ONLY if he has definitely slowed, and you think you can speed him up with a new plug, or by cleaning the fuel filter, setting the points or some other SIMPLE manoeuvre! give him AMPLE warning to come in, and be ready for him when he does. MOTORS MUST BE STOPPED AT THE PITS AT ALL TIMES. 

Pit work, and supervising your team can be pretty agonising, but it can be a most rewarding experience, too. A rider needs good pit staff and a good plan of campaign almost as much as a good bike! 

Brian Woolley
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