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"Imatra" Finland, Sunday, August 30, 1964
The 50cc Class.
Imatra being a road circuit does not show a race track diagram through the streets so this might give you an idea.

Imatra was a circuit that was feared by the riders, due to it's fast and brutal nature, laid out in a way that would be inconceivable today. Using a roughly rectangular layout on roads in and around the town, the circuit was lined with trees, houses and lamp-posts with little protection for riders who lose control of their 'Cheval de fer'. 

In fact, a railway ran alongside one section of the track and riders had to race at speed over a railway crossing once a lap!  The circuit on the right was used from 1931 to 1963
Imatra is a town and municipality in eastern Finland, founded in 1948 around three industrial settlements near the Finnish–Russian border. In the course of the last 50 years, this amorphous group of settlements has grown into a modern industrial town dominated by Lake Saimaa, the Vuoksi River and the border. It gained its municipal charter in 1971
In motor sport history, Imatra is best known for its road races (former TT race) from 1963 to 1986.  From 1962 to 1982 it was the home of the Finnish motorcycle Grand Prix

The original circuit was in use from 1962 until 1978 when it was changed to a smaller and suposedly safer shape in 1979 until 1986.  The diagram shows the change that was made.  the diagram below shows the new circuit layed over the town to show how the roads were used to create it.
On Sunday, August 30, 1964 the 50cc Finnish Grand Prix was held.    Results of the 1964  race.  In the race Ralph Bryans could not improve his total of points and Hugh Anderson went on to score points regardless of the result in Suzuka. The New Zealander retained his title.  Ralph Bryans had led the race until he had to stop because of brake problems.
Results of the 50cc Class Race
Pos.       Rider                                      Nation               Bike   
 1           Hugh ANDERSON                 NZE                  Suzuki 
 2          Hans-Georg ANSCHEIDT      GER                  Kreidler 
 3          Luigi TAVERI                         SWI                  Kreidler 
 4          Isao MORISHITA                  JPN                  Suzuki 
 5          Rudolf KUNZ                          GER                  Kreidler 
 6          Charlie MATES                      GBR                  Honda 
 7           Ian PLUMRIDGE                  GBR                  Honda 
 8           Peter ESER                           GER                  Honda 
 9           Jim PINK                              GBR                  Honda
Hugh Anderson - Suzuki
Now - Let me tell you a story- Charlie, Ian and Jim had been asked to enter for the 50cc class and found that the prize money was very poor. They negotiated a deal and the money was doubled. However when they arrived at the circuit they were told that the start money had been reduced to less than the original offer. 

The boys used to pool the money and share it equally to help each with the expenses of the meeting and this amount would not cover anywhere near enough. They informed the organisers that they would not ride and after a lengthy discussion an agreement was made that they were happy with.

The money duly arrived but the problem now was how to get it out of the country as the movement of "Finish coin" was not allowed. Answer: The tyre of the spare wheel was removed and the notes pushed inside with the inner tube and the tyre re-inflated. With 'hearts in their mouth' the three travelled back to the UK through the Customs check and fortunately made it without problem. 

Charlie still laughs over this event as they went to all that trouble and no-one wanted to look.

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Jarno Saarinen, 1972 250cc World Motorcycle Champion (a small tribute)
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