The Chiltern Enduro 1960 at Snetterton
A "50" Averages Near-50 for Five Hours
W.D. Ivy and M. Thomas (Itom) the not so slow Winners of the Chiltern Enduro for Midgets.
What was it they said about 50 cc. racing? Slow, Too many breakdowns, Unexciting? Not after last Saturday's 250-mile Chiltern Enduro 50cc. race over 92 laps of the 2.71 mile Snetterton, Norfolk, circuit!
Slow? The winning team, W. D. Ivy and M. Thomas (Itom), averaged 47.82 mph. for over five hours, nearly as fast as many "250s"in the Thruxton 500 Miles and Ivy made a fastest lap at over 55 mph.
Unreliable? Only 10 of the 43 starters failed to finish and those 33 finishers included two-strokes and O.H.V. and O.H.C machines tuned to fever pitch so that they should run flat out for the entire race over the entire circuit, except at the Hairpin; a hotted-up Victoria "Avanti " deliberately over-geared, which averaged 100 m.p.g. and a near standard Norman "Nippy"moped, powered by the 50 c.c. Villiers engine.
No. 7 W. D. Ivy, one of the winning team partners (M. Thomas), takes his Itom Super Sport past  No.26 E. Webb riding with I. Webb, a Mk. VIII Competzione model of the same make.
Unexciting? The second, third, fourth and fifth finishers all completed 90 laps within 49 seconds of each other; the V. J. Dedden/M. Woollett "Dick Dick" Demm and the Itom of D. Frost and D. Weightmann passed the P. Lucas/J. Snow Itom in a grandstand finish minutes before the final flag, Lucas and Snow having held their second place for the previous 30 laps.
The leading position was held, at different 'times, by four machines. The Dedden/ Woollett Demm was the fastest starter and held the lead on the first three laps. R. A. Nicholson (co-rider C. A. Surridge) nosed his Itom into first place on the fourth lap and still held the lead on the 30th, although he had lost it temporarily to the eventual winners, Ivy and Thomas, whose mount later stopped to have a broken throttle twist-grip repaired.
Hectic moment at the Hairpin. No. 42 G. Allen, partner to H. Allen, drops his Itom Sport as the No. 33 K. I. Johnson/ A. Bone Competition Itom takes the notorious corner.
Nicholson's average speed for 30 laps was 50.71 mph. and he shortly handed the machine over to Surridge; but Surridge could not get the engine to start and the Itom was wheeled away into the dead machine park.

The Itom of K. I. Johnson and A. D. Bone was now first and it held a very long lead for upwards of four laps until the 60th lap when it blew a head gasket. Never the less, it had raised the average speed after 40 laps to54.11 m.p.h. Johnson and Bone's bad luck meant that Ivy and Thomas found themselves in the lead and they didn't relinquish it.
The meeting was organized by the Racing 50 M.C.C. once known as the Chiltern Fifty Racing Club or the "Chiltern Fifties " and was closed to members of that club only.
The Snetterton Circuit
Provisional Results

Chiltern Enduro (92 laps 249.2 miles):

1 W. D.Ivy/M. Thomas (Itom).          92 laps 
2 V. J.Dedden/M. Woollett (Demm). 90 laps 
3 D.Frost/D. Weightmann (Itom).     90laps 
4 P.Lucas/J. Snow (Itom).              90laps 
5 K. I. Johnson/A. D. Bone (Itom),   90laps 
6 K. Kemp/P.E. Ranford (Itom),      89 laps 
Time: 5 h.12 m. 48.6s = 47.82 m.p.h. 
Fastest lap: W. D. Ivy. 2m. 54.4s = 55.95 mph.
ClassAwards: First two finishers in four-stroke class: 
1 K. G. Douglas/E. Broom (Ducati).71 laps;
2 D. F.Carter/J. Mair (Sterzi, 55 laps.

First  three finishers in two-stroke class: As race result.

Special Awards: 

To the leading machine:
At 15 laps: W. D. Ivy/M. Thomas. (Itom) 
At 30laps: C. A. Surridge/R. A. Nicholson (Itom). 
At 45 laps: K. I. Johnson/A. D.Bone. (Itom) 
At 60 laps: Ivy/Thomas. 
At 75 laps: Ivy/Thomas.
First Woman finisher: 
Mrs. B. J. Swain (co-rider S. R. Williams) (Itom), 77 laps.
RG Harris with Bert Fruin 1960 Enduro / Fruin Dartela
Ian Johnson, wife Chris, Des Bone with the co/rider's band on, mate/mechanic Malcolm Taylor.
W. D. Ivy
M. Thomas
V. Dedden
M. Woollett
K. I. Johnson
A. Des. Bone

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