Endurance in Miniature - The 1960 Racing 50 Club Enduro.
SCEPTICS were put in their place at Snetterton last Saturday. The 250-mile 1960 Chi1tern Endure organized by the Racing 50 Club for 50cc machines had them laughing up their sleeves for weeks, but when the flag fell and 44 tiny engines were pushed into life to hurtle away on the first of 92 laps of the 2.71 circuit, the laughter began to die away.

Almost anything in miniature has a beauty of its own and racing in miniature on a bright summery day certainly has outstanding qualities too. Taking almost every corner flat out Wilhelm Ivy (Itom) and Vic Dedden (Demm) were quickly battling for the lead and as the rest of the field were close-bunched there was exciting place-swapping from early on. So exuberant was some of the dicing that slow-down signs were soon hung out at the pits.t here.
Two riders shared each machine and could, if they wished, ride for a maximum of two hours. Diminutive suspension units, Rudimentary seats and cramped riding positions meant that more frequent changeovers were usual. Lapping at about 50 m.p.h. the leaders were soon on their way through the back markers. 

The latter included two stan­dard Norman Nippy mopeds, sans lights and pedals, circling at 35 m.p.h. The faster men shut off only for the hairpin bend, but the Nippy riders were literally flat out all the way!
Everyone was enjoying the fun, There was plenty of drama in the pits, with riders and mechanics battling against delays while adjustments and repairs were carried out. The leader board was in a constant state of flux.
Pit stops for refueling and rider changes, plus a spill, had put Bill Ivy and co-rider Maurice Thomas well down at the halfway stage, but then Ivy opened up in a big way and, with his cylinder barrel glowing a deep cherry red, regained ground until he had a two-lap lead, which was held to the finish.  Vic Dedden and Mick Woo!lett held off David Frost and David Weightman (Itom) to gain second place by 4.7s this after nearly 250. miles! There was some controversy after the race as although Ivy and Thomas won they were found to be guilty of an offence in the paddock and were disqualified. This then put everyoneelse up a place.

Eleven machines had retired, but 50cc long-distance racing had proved itself to be a first-class sport.
Chiltern 50cc Enduro Trophy:

1. W D Ivy and M. Thomas (Itom) 5h 12m 48s Speed 47.82mph 

Completed 90 laps.  
2. V. J. Dedden and N. S. Woo!lett (Demm) 5h 14m 56.2s.  
3. D. Frost and D. Weightman (Itom), 5h 15m 0.9s.  
4. P. Lucas and J. Snow 5h 15m 28s.  
5. K. I, Johnson and A. D. Bone (Itom) 5h 15m 28s  

Completed 89 laps.  
6. R. Kemp and P. E. Ranford (Itom)5h 15m 26.2s.

Fastest Lap. Ivy. 38th lap. 55.95 m.p.h. 
Class Awards: 
Four-stroke Machines: R. 0. Douglas and E. Brown. (Ducati), 72 laps.  
Two- stroke MachinesIvy and Thomas.  
Best Lady Rider: Miss B Swain (Itom) with co-rider P Williams. 72 laps.
That there is no lack of determined effort in 50cc racing is indicated in this photograph of R. Harrison (Itom) leading John Gardner (Fruin) and R. S. W. Field (Itom) round Riches Corner.
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