The 50cc Tourist Trophy Race of Fri­day, June 16th 1967
The Only Massed Start of the Week
RUMOUR had it, in the hotels of Douglas, I.o.M., on the eve of Fri­day, June 16, that Suzuki would be stag­ing a three-man finish in the 50 cc event, the one massed start race of T.T. week. With Yoshimi Katayama just in front. Rumour made no allowance for the vagaries of men and machines, however. Katayama's machine was sluggish on the first lap and he completed it 1 min 10 sec behind team-mates Hans-Georg Anscheidt and Stuart Graham, after being over 2 min behind them at Ballacraine.
Possibly the two out in front went a little slower than they could have gone on the second circuit, but certainly Kata­yama went quicker. The next time he passed Ballacraine, he was only 43 sec behind. By Ballaugh the gap was down to 15 sec. By Ramsey, Katayama led by 51 sec from Anscheidt and Graham.

Along the Mountain Mile, between Ramsey and the Bungalow, Katayama then contrived to cast himself off.
Now it was up to Anscheidt and Graham, or perhaps it would be Graham and Anscheidt. Indeed, perhaps it would, for at the end of the second lap Stuart had almost a 9 sec lead over his German partner. 

And that lead increased rapidly as they went round for the last time. Turning in the fastest lap of the race in 26 min 34.4 sec (85.19 mph, still well below the lap record set up by Ralph Bryans on a Honda last year, at 86.49 mph), Stuart won by just over 1 min from Anscheidt, to notch his first, but almost certainly not his last, T.T. vic­tory.
Hans-Georg Anscheidt leads Suzuki team-mate Stuart Graham round the Gooseneck on the first lap of the 50cc TT
Were there no other riders in the race? Of course, there were. It drew an entry of 28. Four non-starters brought this down to 24. And the best of the others was Tommy Robb, who took over Chris Vincent's ride on a Suzuki and finished third, some 16 min behind the winner. Tommy might have had to settle for fourth, though, had Brian Gleed not cast his Honda away at Quarter Bridge, then proceeded minus a footrest and rear brake pedal until black-flagged at the end of the second lap and then having to spend over 5 min effecting repairs at his pit.
Tommy Robb on the 50cc RM67 in the 1967 TT
Even so Gleed finished eighth. And two other riders of production Honda racers, Chris Walpole and Len Griffiths produced the only really close dicing of the race, with a three-lap, wheel to wheel scrap which resulted in their finishing fourth and fifth. Sixth on yet another Honda was S. G. W. Lawley

1, S. Graham, GB                     (Suzuki)      1 hr 21 min 56.8 sec. 82.89mph.
                                              (Race record: 1966-R.Bryans (Honda). 85.66 mph).

2, H. G. Anscheidt, W.Germany (Suzuki) 1 hr 22 min 58 sec, 81.86 mph.

3, T. H. Robb. Ireland               (Suzuki) 1 hr 38 min 2 sec, 69.28 mph.

4, C. M. Walpole, GB                (Honda) 1 hr 42 min 2 sec, 66.57 mph.

5, E. L. Griffiths. GB                 (Honda) 1 hr 42 min 8.6 sec, 66.50 mph.

6. S. G. W. Lawley, GB             (Honda) 1 hr 43 min 54 sec, 65.37 mph.

7, T. Fearns, GB                       (Honda) 1hr 44 min 52.4 sec, 64.76 mph.

8, B. F. Gleed                           (Honda) 1hr 45 min 31 sec, 64.37 mph.

The above receive Silver Replicas

9, T. E. Burgess, GB                 (Yamaha) 1 hr 48 min 36 sec, 62.54 mph;

10, J. D. Lawley, GB                 (Honda) 1 hr 48 min 40.2 sec, 62.50 mph;

11, R. M. Udall, GB                    (Honda) 1 hr 48 min 41.6 sec, 62.49 mph.

The above receive Bronze Replicas

12. D. C. Trollope, GB                 (Honda) 1 hr 55 mm 56.6 sec, 58.59 mph;

13, J. W. Whe1don GB                (Foster Ita.1) 1 hr 59 min 24 sec, 62.49 mph

14, H. Cosgrove, Canada             (Itom) 1 hr 24 min 12.6 see, 53.78 mph..
Fastest lap:  S. Graham. 26 min 34.4see, 85.19 mph, lap 3.
(Lap record: 1966-Bryans,86.49 mph.)

Retired on third lap: D.A. Juler, GB (Itom).
Retired on second lap (in order of merit at end of Lap 1): Y. Katayama (Suzuki), M. Carney (Derbi), B.Smith (Derbi), A. J. Pink (Honda), A. G. Hutchings (Tohatsu) and M. S. Worsley (Itom).
Retired on first lap: C.Goosen (Derbi), D. L. Ryder (Derbi) and P. J. Walsh (Heldun Hawk),
Non-starters: K. Burgess (Itom),K. Cast (Suzuki), R. J. Heath (Heldun Hurricane) and M. Itoh (Suzuki).
Tommy Robb followed by Chris Walpole at Quarter Bridge
Wheldon on the Foster-Ital who came in 13th
Stuart Graham (Suzuki) Winner of the 1967 50cc TT
Winner Stuart Graham is flanked by runner-up Hans Georg Anscheidt and third man Tommy Robb
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