The Isle of Man 1966 International 50cc TT
Ralph Bryans Wins His First TT - 1966
MAKING it a hat-trick of first-time wins, Irishman Ralph Bryans brought his little 50c.c. Honda twin home into a record-breaking first place to follow Giacomo Agostini and Bill ivy as first T.T. winners this week. In recording his first T.T. victory. 

The 1965 50 c.c. World Champion broke the lap and race times. He shattered the 1965 race time of team-mate Luigi Taveri, who limped home in second place after a mysterious cut-out at the Ramsey Hairpin. The first sixplacemen at the end of the massed standing start first lap broke the existing lap record.
TheA.C. U. showed great foresight in their numberings for this event, as for the first time in the T.T. races history, the first four placemen were numbered 1---2---3---4.   Creating something of a record too, was the fact that all of the 17 starters completed the first lap and at the end only four had retired.
11a.m. is the stated time for the commencement of this year's 50 c.c. T.T. the penultimate event in this year's programme. and probably the last time we shall-see the 'tiddlers' battling' around the. Mountain Course. 

In very recent years this class has 'continually attracted a disappointing entry in addition to being an event with the 'largest possible contrasts. The production Hondas, which comprise most of the entry, are 'lost' behind the works Suzukis and Hondas, which can now set staggering speeds around this course for their size.  This time however new interest has been incited with the introduction of a massed start for the machines in this race.  

Although perhaps spectacular for spectators on the first part of the course on the first lap, only 31 riders entered for the event for June. As a result of the postponement however, this came down to 29 and now 12 non-starters leave us with a miserable 17.
Agood battle can be expected between the very fast works Hondas of Ralph Bryans and Luigi Taveri and the Suzukis of Hugh Anderson, Ernst Degner, Yoshimi Katayama and Hans Georg Anscheidt. There are no Bridgestones, they would have been here in June but they have since returned to Japan.
Once again there are no Derbis and Gordon Keith, who entered on a 50 c.c. Yamaha, is a non-starter. Nevertheless Dave Simmond's has abandoned his Tohatsu and is riding as a member of the Honda manufacturers team on the number vacated by Charlie Mates. injured in the 125cc TT on Wednesday.
In addition Chris Vincent is unfit, and his Suzuki (Great Britain) entry has been taken over by Barry Smith, who rode the completely standard Suzuki in the 250c.c. race on Sunday, finishing a very creditable 12th. His team mate with the other'local' Suzuki is Tommy Robb.
The Honda RC116 was a race motorcycle built by Honda which raced in the 50cc class of Grand Prix motorcycle racing in the 1966 season
Also on the line are Brian Kettle and Allan Robinson, who have had to spend something like £150 between them in order to be on the line today. Their production Hondas have little chance of gaining replicas, but all praise should be givento the riders for making such an effort at such a cost, All the machines on the line look very clean, and it is obvious that 50 c.c. 'privateers' show real pride in their machines - an attitude which should be encouraged.
10.30am--- The marcon sounds and riders begin to warm their engines. We were told that visibility was nil early this morning but it is quite bright at the Grandstand and parts of the Mountain can be seen. 

10.45--- Engines are shut off, just after the arrival of the Deputy Governor and the playing of the National and Manx Anthems. Can we presume that we are off on time? Four minutes to go - the Rev. Berti Reid wishes the riders luck. So we are away, but we have been told nothing about the weather.  

11 am --- the 'Bang' sounds and beats the flag which dispatches the riders on the first massed start TT on the Mountain Course. As they pass the pits Bryans and Taveri are leading but 52 year old Les Griffiths was moving up on them as was Tommy Robb.  

11.05am --- With the echo of the machines going down Bray Hill having now passed away, we now wait to hear of their arrival at Ballacraine. Here is news - Hugh Anderson pipped Taveri to take the lead on the corner and Bryans, Katayama, Degner and Anscheidt follow along way ahead of Tommy Robb and Barry Smith, with Brian Gleed the first of the privateers.  Referring to the start again--riders all started to go as the first bang went, which preceded the drop of the flag. They stopped, but there could easily have been a false start.
11.12a.m.---the first men are shown to have arrived at Kirk Michael. and all riderhave passed Ballacraine.  At Ballaugh BRYANS IS LEADING TAVERI and the four works Suzukis are a little behind and Anderson is fifth.  As expected Robb anSmith are next, but their 1964 models seem to have nothing on the current machines.   At  Ramsey, Bryans and Taveri are neck and neck—but 20 seconds ahead of Anscheidand Katayama, who in turn are 10 seconds ahead of Anderson and Degner. Have the riders already sorted out their finishing order?
11.22a.m.---the first 'privateer' is at Ramsey. He is Brian Gleed. The last are JohnLawley and Alan Robinson. But meanwhile the leaders have already passed theBungalow and at the Creg, Bryans has a fair lead over Taveri. Katayama is now leading' Anscheidt and Anderson is still ahead of Degner.  The 'lights' are now on indicating the arrival of the Honda men, at Signpost.
11-28 a.m.---Bryans comes past the pits 200 yards ahead of Luigi Taveri. Katayama has a comfortable third place over Anscheidt, who in turn leading Anderson and Degner by quite a margin.  Back at Creg-ny-Baa, Barry Smith had got ahead of Tommy Robb, who could be in trouble.  

11.32 a.m.---here comes Smith, followed by Tommy Robb, who seemed to give a "thumbs down" signal to his pit. We shall now I have to wait for some time for the 'privateers', who have, nevertheless, passed the Bungalow.
11.34a.m.—Bryans is through Ballacraine, well ahead of the other works men. Brian Gleed is now past the pits, followed a long way behind by Dave Simmonds.

Seventh to twelfth positions are: 7th, B. Smith (Suzuki); 8th, T. Robb (Suzuki); 9th, B. F. Gleed (Honda); 10th, D. Simmonds (Honda); 11th, M. Allen. (Honda); 12th, E. L. Griffiths (Honda).
1  R. Bryans ('Honda) ... 26 35.2 (85.15 m.p.h.)
2  L. Taveri (Honda) ... 26 41 (84.84 m.p.h.)
3  Y. Katayama (Suzuki) ... 27 62.6 (83.71 m.p.h.)
4  G. Anscheidt (Suzuki) ... 27 10.6 (83.31m.p.h.)
5  H. Anderson (Suzuki) ... 27 28 (82.42 m.p.h.)
6  E Degner (Suzuki) ... 27 36 (82.02 m.p.h.)
11.38a.m. - All competitors have now set off on their second lap, but Bryans is at Ballaugh. and something like eight seconds ahead of his team mate. It is good to see all riders are still going. 11.42a.m. - The leaders are approaching Ramsey. but Anscheidt seems to have stopped between here and Ballacraine. An interesting announcement we are told thatprobably for the first time in T.T. history, there has not been any retirement on the first lap.  At Ramsey, Anscheidt is definitely missing, and Allan Robinson at Ballacraine is 17 miles behind the third and fourth men —Katayama and Anderson.
11.48 a.m. - Everything is very quiet at the pits, as can be expected, but there is no news of Anscheidt. Back at Ramsey, Tommy Robb has gone through, over five minutes behind the fifth man. So it looks as if Barry Smith is in trouble.  

11.52- Bryans has reached Creg-ny-Baa and he is pulling away all the time from Taveri. There is now some 17 secs. between them. but it is a long gap betweenthem and Katayama and Anderson.  

11.54- Here comes Bryans to start his last lap. Taveri also seems to be going well. There is apparently mist just above the road at the Bungalow, and the news tells us that Barry Smith has not reached Ballaugh.
11,56- Anderson is now easily third. but Katayama has come into the pits. Degner has come past him, and another works Suzuki is also out of the race. Bryans has again broken the lap record, this time it is 86.49 miles an hour - 25 seconds faster than his standing start time. But as this news comes through we are told it is raining at  Creg-ny-Baa. What a pity.  

Midday- Bryans is reported to be through the Glen Helen section as third man Anderson arrives at Ballacraine, but sixth man Tommy Robb is only at the Creg.  

Retirements- Anscheidt retired at the bottom of Bray Hill and Barry Smith stopped at Doran's Bend with a seized. engine, The rider is all right and he is returning to the Start via the back roads. We are told that Anscheidt just left the course.
Ralph Bryans, 1, nips up the inside of team mate Luigi Taveri
R. Bryans (Honda) ... 52 45.4 (85.83 mph)
L. Taveri (Honda) ... 53 09.6 (85.19 mph)
H. Anderson (Suzuki) 54 40.2 (82.84 m.p.h.)
Y. Katayama (Suzuki) 54 46.4 (82.68 m.p.h.)
E. Degner (Suzuki) ... 54 52.4 (82.53 mph)
T. Robb (Suzuki) ... 1 2 55.4 - (71-97 mph)
Seventh to twelfth position on Lap 2:  7th. B. F.Gleed (Honda); 8th, D. Simmonds (Honda): 9th. M. Allen (Honda); 
10th J. Pink (Honda); 11th. E. L. Griffiths (Honda); 12th, B. W. Kettle (Honda).
At Ballaugh, Bryans is Pulling further away from Taveri. But it is very quiet hereat the pits a we wait for the first of the privateers. Weather prospects do notlook good now. It drizzled here briefly,and cloud is now reported to be low on the Mountain.

12.07p.m. --- Brian Gleed leads the slower men, followed a long way behind by Dave Simmonds and Mick Allen. Bryans andTaveri are at Ramsey and we await the arrival at the Start of Jim Pink and LesGriffiths, both aged 52. Here they come, it is J Pink who holds a slight lead.

Further news from Doran's Bend, Don Lawley has stopped there, presumably retiring, watching the rest of the racing while sitting on the hedge. His brother, StanLawley, is now last.
12.15p.m. --- The two leading men are arriving at the Bungalow. BUT BRYANS' MOTOR IS SOUNDING SICK AT THE CREG, nevertheless, he is almost a whole minute ahead of Luigi Taveri. As long as Bryan's does not have to push, he will be the easy winner.
12.19--- Bryans' light is on to show he is at Signpost. AND HERE HE COMES TO WIN HIS FIRST T.T. VICTORY and gain another success for Honda. His motor did not sound at all well.

Taveri also finishes, making it an easy first and second place for Honda. Anderson's light is on. but Tommy Robb was late arriving at Ramsey.
12.23--- Anderson - coasts across the line to take his second third place of theweek. Ernst Degner gets deserved applause as he crosses the line. It will be along time before Robb arrives here and only a few of the other men have even reached Kirk Michael.  
As expected, Bryans has easily cracked the race speed with an average of 85.33miles an hour. His last lap. however, was his slowest - 85.33 miles an hour.
12.26 pm ---All the other men have now gone through Michael. It has unfortunately been an unexciting race and of little spectator value. The appearance of 50'sis obviously endangered now. If they do go, let us hope there is at least some replacement event.

12.35--- A travelling marshal has reported that Tommy Robb has stopped between the Gooseneck and Guthrie's to change a plug.
Here come the first three men onto the rostrum. The garlanding is being performed by Mr F. P. Johnston, the Irish representative on the International Jury over here.

12.40---Applause for the Boy Scouts whom, the Rev. Bertie Reid says "have stuck to their job so gallantly during the week".

12.41—the fifth place man finishes. It is Brian Gleed. Tommy Robb has not arrived at the Bungalow so he could be out of the race. Dave Simmonds comes in to finish sixthand to give Hondas the manufacturers' prize.

Robb has now been signalled past the Bungalow, just as it starts raining here at the Grandstand. Les Griffiths just beats JimPink, and Mick Allen comes in very slowly followed by Brian K.ett1e.

12.53- all riders have finished now - there were only four retirements, but NOBODY RECEIVES A BRONZE REPLICA.
1. R. Bryans (Honda) 1 19 17.2 (85.68m.p.h.)
L. Taveri (Honda) 1 20 08.4 (84.74 m.p.h.)
H. Anderson (Suzuki) 1 21 41 (83.14 m.p.h.)
E. Degner (Suzuki) 1 22 52.2 (81.96 m.p.h.)
B, F. Gleed (Honda) 1 39 31.6 (68.25 m.p.h.)
D. Simmonds (Honda) 1 41 50 (66.70 m.p.h.)
E. L. Griffiths (Honda) 1 44 28.6 (65.02m.p.h.)
J Pink (Honda) 1 44 28 (65.01 m.p.h.)
M. Allen (Honda) 1 45 204 (64.48 m.p.h.)
10 B. W. Kettle (Honda) 1 45 33.6 (64.35 m.p.h.)
1T.Robb (Suzuki) 1 46 59.2 (63.49 m.p.h.)
12 A. Robinson (Honda) 1 48 20.4 (62.70 m.p.h.)
13 S. G. W. Lawley (Honda) 1 51 58.2 (60.66m.p.h.)
Manufacturers'team prize: Honda . (R. Bryans, L. Taveri and D. A. Simmonds).
Clubteam award: Midland M.C.RC. (M Allen, E. L. Griffiths and S.G. W. Lawley).
SilverReplica time,- 1-29-11.8. Bronze Replica time: 1-35-98.6.
1966 Isle of Man 50cc TT - Hans Georg Anscheidt - Suzuki
The long arm of the law is not paying attention as Ralph Bryans leads Luigi Taveri at Quarter Bridge in the 1966 50cc race, they finished the race in this order.
   Entries for the Isle of Man International TT 1966
1 R. BRYANS Honda                                       2 L. TAVERI Honda
3 H. ANDERSON Suzuki                               4 E. DEGNER Suzuki
5M. ITOH Suzuki (NS)                                   6 V. KATAYAMA Suzuki
7 H. U. ANSCHEIIIT Suzuki                           8 T. ROBB Suzuki
9 I. MO1USHITA (NS)                                   10 J. FINDLAY (NS)
11 J. N. BUSQUETS (NS)                                12
14 D. A. .SIMMONDS (NS)                           15 B. SMITH Suzuki
16 S. MURRAY (NS)                                     17 D. SIMMONDS Honda
18 M. SIMMONDS Tohatsu (NS)                   19 J. PINK Honda
20 B. F. GLEED Honda                                  21 J.D. LAWLEY Honda
22 M. ALLEN Honda                                     23 A. ROBINSON Honda
24 B. SMIT|H Derbi (NS)                             25 E. L. GRIFFITHS Honda
26 S. G. W. LAWLEY Honda                          27 J. ROCA Derbi (NS)
28 6. KEITH Yamaha(NS)                             29 B. W. KETTLE Honda
30 F. F. WOOD Honda                                  31 W. STROPE Sachs (NS)
Ralph Bryans, the Spectators View in the 1966 50cc TT
Ralph Bryans, the Competitors View in the 1966 50cc TT
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