First  Ever Win for a Japanese Rider the 1963 50cc TT
Researched from the "Examiner TT Special Edition - by Geoff Davidson - (Photographs added by Jeep)
History was made for the T.T. today when Mitsu Itoh became the first Japanese ever
to win one of the coveted trophies. 
 In a dramatic last  lap of the record breaking 50 c.c. race. Ernst Degner, the pace setter and leader, went out of the running and Itoh's Suzuki came home to victory at a record 78.81 m.p.h.
The record lap was set up by Degner's Suzuki at  79.10 m.p.h.

Mitsu Itoh No. 8 pushes away from the start of the 1963 50cc Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race
The Press Box, Friday.

This morning's "Wasp" race is only the second of the series, so there isn't much 'history' to write about. It is due to start at 11 a.m., and it has attracted an entry of 34, as against 57 last year. This is rather disappointing, but there are some obvious reasons for it: Last year, for instance, there were fifteen Itoms amongst the entries, but they just weren't fast enough to stand a chance against the Japs and the Germans.
The best Itom finished 16th, at 58.65 m.p.h., against the winner's speed of 75.12 m.p.h.  So this year there are only three Itoms.  The 'German' supremacy had made many riders think that it's a waste of time to come over here and fight a losing battle.  

Then again, the "Financial Assistance" offered to the Fifties was £10 a-piece, against £15 each for riders in the other solo races. Why?  It costs as much on the boat for a 50 c.c. model as for a "500" - and the riders don't get reduced boarding-house or hotel bills just because they are racing such very small machines
And another thing they have only been allotted three half-period practices, as against five lot; periods for the 125' and 250's, and seven full periods for the Juniors and Seniors. What with one thing and another a large entry was not exactly "encouraged."  It is to be hoped that the Fifties will get a better deal next year. I leave the thought with the Auto-Cycle Union
Last year's two lap race was won by Ernst Degner (Suzuki) at 75.12 m.p.h., and Degner established the lap record at 75.52. in practice This year Degner has (unofficially) beaten his last year's record with a lap at 79.06 m.p.h., and four other riders have improved on the 75.52. 

On the Sulby Mile, Hugh Anderson clocked 90 mph. in practice against last year's best of 86.97 m.p.h. The"Wasps" are certainly going some.
The 34 entries are composed of eight Suzukis, five Kreidlers, four Derbis and four Hondas, three Itoms and three Tohatsus, and one each Benelli, C.G.S., D.O.T., Fruin-Dartela, Pope-Special and Sheene Special.  Japan leads with 17 entries, and Germany comes next with five.

An element of "gloom" is caused by the fact that there are 16 non-starters as shown on the list of entries at the bottom of this page, reducing the field to 18.

Amongst these there is one four-stroke single (Plumridge's Val Knapp Honda), 16 two-stroke singles, and one two-stroke twin (D. A. Simmonds' Tohatsu). It's a practically certain win for a two-stroke and probably a single.
The 1963 Suzuki Team
M Itoh (8) I Morishita (14) H Anderson (4) M Ichino (10)
B Schneider (1) E Degner (5)
B. Schneider (Suzuki)and H. G. Anscheidt (Kreidler) are due off the mark at 11 a.m. and the last man away, at ten seconds before 11.3 am. will be Plumridge on the only four-stroke. They have to do three laps - 113.2 miles - as in the 'curtain raisers" of Monday and Wednesday.  

The 7.55 a.m. weather forecast spoke of "some hill fog" early on. conditions improving later with some sunshine this afternoon. The Ronaldsway "Met." report at 9 a.m. was not so good, though - "cloud affecting the mountain section of the course, probably clearing in the early afternoon; winds light and variable, roads damp as a result of overnighrain, but drying as the day progresses."
Still it's not too bad up 'here - the outline of the Mountain is just visible, and there seems to be no likelihood of postponement.  10,30 a.m. - the warm-up period starts, and the "Wasps' are buzzing up and down the tarmac strip. 

It's quite cool, and there should be no trouble from wet tar on the roads, as there was on Monday.
There are two manufacturers' Teams, Suzuki 'A' with Anderson Degner and Itoh, and Suzuki 'B' Schneider, Ichino and Morishita; there is only one club team though the Racing"50" M.C.C., with M. J. Simmonds, D. A. Simmonds and I. E. Plumridge
10.40 - silence on the tarmac, five minutes before the official signal; the Wasps are warm enough! But as I write the words some of them get going again, for a last minute try-out. 

10.45 - The Maroon; the 18 riders wheel their machines on to the starting grids. Owing to the weather conditions, with unfavorable winds on the Mountain, Ernst Degner, last year's winner has fitted a new rear sprocket, one tooth smaller.
The mechanics of Suzuki push the bikes of H Anderso(4) and M Ichino (10) to the line and await their riders.
26. DA Juler... Itom(Ret)   27. HL Fruin... Fruin Dartela (Ret) 
28. PJ Foster... DOT (Ret)    30. AE Dawson... Pope Special (Ret) 
34. AG Hutchings... Benelli (Ret) 
36. IE Plumridge... Val-Knapp Honda (6th in race)
30. AE Dawson... Pope Special (Ret) 
34. AG Hutchings... Benelli (Ret) 
36. IE Plumridge... Val-Knapp Honda 64.82 mph (6th in race)
20.WD Ivy... Sheene Special (7th in Race) 61.12 mph 
23. DA Simmonds... Tohatsu Twin (Ret)
10.55 a.m.—the Five Minute Maroon. Four minutes, three minutes, two minutes, one minute and Schneider and Anscheidt are away; Schneider is quicker off the mark than, his "team-mate". M. J. Simmonds (Tohatsu) is rather a slow starter but his motor takes it as he passes the pits. All get away well, and at  11.3 am. there is silence at the start.
Hugh Anderson' (Suzuki No4) is first at Ballacraine and Anscheidt (Kreidler No. 2) is there next, followed by Degner (No. 5) and Pagani (No. 3) all within five seconds.

News from Crosby, Bert Schneider (Suzuki No. 1) has stopped there and is making adjustments.
B. Schneider (1) and H. G. Anscheidt (2)  are away with A. Pagani (3) and H. Anderson (4) waiting. 
E.Degner (5), is looking down at his engine.
At Bishop's Court Anderson is still leading on the roads followed by No. 2 (Anscheidt), No. 5 (Degner), No. 8(Itoh) and No. 3 (Pagani). The order is the same at Ballaugh, and at Ramsey.

The first retirement Bert Schneider, previously reported as making adjustments at Crosby, has packed it in there; so out goes Suzuki "B" team.
Anscheidt has overtaken Anderson on the Mountain climb, and is leading him at the Bungalow with Degner third on the roads and Itoh (No 8) a good forth. Another retirement A. G. Hutchings (Benelli) at Selborne drive with engine trouble, rider O.K. of course. Only 16 left, 

Now the first four are all shown at Signpost Corner, and here they are past the pits. Anscheidt is about ten yards in front of Anderson, Degner is three seconds behind the leader and Itoh (No. 8) is some thirteen seconds back; this gives both of them several seconds lead on corrected time.
A. Pagani (3) and H. Anderson (4) are away 
with E. Degner (5) behind.
H. Anderson, H. G. Anscheidt and E. Degner at Governor's Bridge.
Three retirements, all riders OK. Pagani (Kreidler) at the Bungalow, H Crowder (Kreidler) at Laurel bank and D.A.Simmonds (Tohatsu) at Crosby; so out goes the one "Club Team".

E. Degner ...................... (Suzuki)   28 51.2   (78.46 m.p.h.)
M. Itoh ...........................  ( Suzuki)  28 51.5   (78.43 m.p.h.)
H. Anderson ................. (Suzuki)   28 59.4  (78.09 m.p.h.)
H. G. Anscheidt  ........  (Kreidler) 29 92     (77.65 m.p.h.)
I. Morishita ................... (Suzuki)   29 22.6  (77.06 m.p.h.)
M. Inchino  ..................  (Suzuki)   29 4.8    (76.19 m.p.h.)
Degner's lap, from a standing start, is a new record for the race, and t first six have ALL beaten the existing record! At Barregarrow on the second lap Degner is leading on the roads, followed by Anscheidt and Anderson.  P. J. Foster (DOT) has retired at Cruickshank's Corner, rider O.K.

The first three on the roads are Degner, Anderson and Anscheidt who keep on swapping positions, first one and then another take the lead: but at the Mountain it's a case of Degner, Anderson, Anscheidt, with No. 8 Itoh, not far behind and it's the same at Hillberry.
11.58 a.m. Here they are past the pits - Degner, Anderson, Anscheidt, separated only by a few yards. Itoh comes past some 13 seconds later, which means that he has dropped back a little on Degner.

E. Degner (Suzuki) ................... 57 28.4  (78.19 m.p.b)
F. Itoh (Suzuki) ........................... 57 31      (78.72m.p.h.)
H. Anderson (Suzuki) ............. 57 39     (78.54 m.p.h.)
H. Anscheidt (Kreidler) .......... 57 49.2  (78.32 m.p.h.)
I. Morishita (Suzuki) ............... 58 12      (77.80 m.p.h.)
M. Ichino (Suzuki) .................... 59 21.4   (76.29 m.p.h)

Suzukis still in the first three places, and in fifth and sixth as well.
H. L. Fruin coasts in andre­tires at the pits. A. E. Dawson (Pope Special) has retired at Cronk-y-voddy, rider OK.  Kirk Michael reports, that the order past there is Anscheidt, Anderson, Itoh, Deg­ner.  This means that Degner has dropped back and that Itoh is leading the race!

12.10 p.m.—there are now eight retirements and only ten runners on the course other than the Travelling Marshals, of course.  Sulby reports that Degner is 'touring' bad luck Ernst.

The first four men on the second lap leader board have all taken the new lap record and Degner has raised it to 79.10m.p.h. 28 min 37.2 secs.
At Guthrie's on the last lap Itoh has increased his lead on Anscheidt and Anderson, and the position is the same at the Mountain Box.

12.25 p.m. (approx)—the three leaders on the roads are shown at Signpost, and now here comes M. Itoh to win the 50c.c. race and to score the first all Japanese T.T. Victory.

Ernst Degner is now an­ nounced as having retired withengine trouble at the Waterworks, so the Suzuki 'A' team is out of it.
1. M. Itoh.   ............................ 1h 26 10.6  (Suzuki) (78-81 M.p.h.)
2. H. Anderson . ................. 1h 26 37.4 (Suzuki) (78.40mph)
3. H. G. Anscheidt ............ 1h 26 42    (Kreidler) (78.33 m.p.h.)
4. I. Morishita ....................  1h 27 16     (Suzuki) (77.82 m.p.h.)
5. M. Inchino ......................  1h29 7.6    (Suzuki)  (76.20 m.p.h.)
6. I. E. Plumridge .............. 1h 44 46.4 (Honda) (64.82 m.p.h.)
7. W. D. Ivy .......................... 1h 51 7.2 (Sheene Spl.) (61.12 m.p.h.)
8. M. J. Simmonds ...........2h 5 44 (Tohatsu) (54.02 mph)

Completed two laps

D. A. Juler .......................   1h 31 39  (NEC Itom) (46.31 m.p.h.)
Mitsuo Itoh, Winner of the 1963 Isle of Man Ultra-Lightweight 50cc Tourist Trophy Race.
     ENTRIES IN THE 1963 50cc Isle of Man TT RACE

1. B. Schneider Suzuki                                 2. H. G. Anscheidt Kreidler 
3. A. Pagani Kreidler                                   4. H. Anderson Suzuki 
5. E. Degner Suzuki                                    6. R. Torras Kreidler (ns) 
7. J. Huberts N.N. (ns)                                8. M. Itoh Suzuki 
9. R. Avery Derbi (ns)                                 10. M. Ichino Suzuki 
11. No nomination                                         12.                 Kreidler (ns) 
14. I. Morishita Suzuki                                 15. J. M. Busquets Derbi (ns) 
16. M. J. Simmonds ... Tohatsu                      17. R. Bryans Honda (ns) 
18. J Asensio. Derbi (ns)                              19. H. Crowder Kreidler 
20. W. D. Ivy   Sheene Special                     21. No  nomination. 
22. H. C W. Mates Suzuki (ns)                     23. D. A. Simmonds Tohatsu 
24. C. Gracia Derbi (ns)                              25. P. R. Latham Suzuki (ns) 
26. D. A.Juler NEC Itom                             27. H. L Fruin Fruin Dartela 
28. P. J. Foster D.O.T.                                  29. J. Pink Honda (ns) 
30. A. E. Dawson Pope Special.                    31. A .F. Roth Tohatsu (ns) 
32. P .Eser Honda (ns)                                 33. D .Armstrong Itom (ns) 
34. G. Hutchings Benelli                               35. B. Smith Itom (ns) 
36. I. E. Plumridge  Val-Knapp Honda           37. B. Goldthorp CGS Spl. (ns)
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